Congrats to Dickman's Own Luke Allen

Each year, tED magazine honors the top 30 electrical industry leaders under the age of 35. In this year's line up is a name well-known to Dickman Supply customers. Our own Luke Allen (age 34 by the way) topped the list for 2013! Congratulations, Luke.

The following information comes from tED's article in the July edition.

"As the nation's more than 75 million Baby Boomers move toward retirement and Generation Xers creep further into middle age, concern about how the electrical distribution industry will attract future generations of leaders is growing...we sent out a call across the industry...What we discovered is that while the electrical industry should continue to focus on ways to recruit the best and brightest young people now poised to enter the workforce, this industry is already rich with young, talented professionals taking leadership roles."

"Luke came to Dickman Supply from the banking industry in 2007 and has moved through many roles to arrive at his current position of operations manager. In year one he worked in the warehouse and at the counter, taking charge of various projects that arose along the way. By his third year, he was heading up a company-wide pricing initiative and proved effective in raising overall margins by half a point. In year four, he took on additional responsibilities, including commodity purchasing and office management, and became involved in banking and outside accounting firm relations." According to VP Doug Borchers, "Luke is a 'straw that stirs the drink' at Dickman and the fastest learner I've ever seen."